This guy in Buenos Aires was giving a dinner in his apartment for a dozen people. He invited his friend, the Brazilian consul, to attend to the dinner. The consul excused himself because he had to take out a diplomat visitor during the evening. The guy inviting suggested that they could both come together to his dinner. 'OK, perfect' said the Brazilian consul.

That evening, the consul and the dipomat visitor arrived with a bottle of excellent wine. Them and the rest of the guests spent a wonderful evening.

When dinner was concluded, the host said: "well... it is going to be 30 dollars each". The diplomat visitor could not believe what was happening. "Were they going to charge every one for the dinner?" He looked at the Brazilian consul in astonishment. One of the guests, sitting right next to the diplomat, thought that he was having some kind of problem understanding Spanish language, so he decided to translate to English and act out some awkwardly exagerated gesture with his hands and said very slowly to the diplomat: "It means you have to pay. You have to pay now!"

Buenos Aires, 2002

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